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18 May 2008 @ 05:45 pm
Summer fun under the rain?  
Summer came to a premature end here in our place, as a storm barged its way in the country but that really didn't stop us from enjoying the last bits of our vacation. We went to this private pool yesterday together with some of our older friends. It was a very nice place to be and in a cheap price too.

yup that's the pool alright. It had like four parts for the enjoyment of the occupants. 3 feet being the most shallow to around six feet for the deepest part. The weather was cold when we arrived and so was the water. But you wouldn't mind that if you were enjoying.

the view was to die for, as well. adding to the "natural" feel of the pool. The place was located near a forest reserve so the place was generally surrounded by trees and stuffs, unfortunately the wind was blowing in a very scary speed so the coconut tree was swaying too violently for my taste I guess. Whehehe! I was like whoa the fruit might fall or something.

And here I am with my sister and our friends, I think we just finished eating our lunch here since my hair was a little bit dry already. As you can see this was one of the rare times that the sun decided to show itself.

The rat pack whehehe... instead of taking care of the little children we opted to take our picture, really responsible. but hey give us a break, we always minded the children and it was tiring to go to and fro the shallow part to the deep part because the kiddies wanted to.

A beetle. One of the interesting finds of the day. I don't know where they got it but it was cute.

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