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29 June 2008 @ 07:51 am
pang of hurt. I miss them.  
here it is again that weird feeling of loneliness. This always happens when I am not busy, and my mind is not cluttered with bits of info that I have to think about. My heart begins to ache, the memories I want to enjoy suddenly becomes the memories I do not want to remember about. Memories of friends from highschool...

As I browsed my friends in friendster I just could not help but feel sad. The people I was familiar with, the second family I grew up with, these groups, they always held this big part in my heart and my soul... to the point that when I was separated with them I kinda lost who I am and the path that laid before me did not seem to be that clear anymore. I am struggling again, struggling to find myself again.

I feel ashamed now. I have met these wonderful people from college... Jam, Karisse, Issa... I like them, they are nice and are amazing. But somehow no matter what I do, when everything is silent and those beautifuls girls are not around I feel alone... too alone

I smile more often now... because that is how I cope with these things. I just hope I could keep it up until my mind and body really adjusted to this new routine. To these new faces. To this new phase of life...