Title: Whiplash
Author: Skyfang
Rating: T
Pairing: Ariadne/Arthur
Disclaimer: Inception belongs to Christopher Nolan
Spoilers/Warnings: Post-movie. First time to write Arthur and Ariadne, tried my best.
Summary: Nothing spells foreplay better than hand to hand combat.

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The Fine Line (3rd Down)

A/N: Don't have a lot to say hehehe. So just enjoy.

The Fine Line

Third Down: The Danger of Knowing

"Who are we meeting again?" Mamori asked as they entered Devie's. Hiruma had been rather quiet.
"Somebody who's a fucking expert on this." He answered while his eyes darted across the resturant. "There the fuck she is."
She followed his line of vision. A familiar black-haired woman was waving to them. They walked towards her.
"Good evening Mamori-chan. Nice to see you again."
Mamori smiled, warmly. "Good evening to you too, Megumi-san."
"Now if you greet me like that when we see each other Boya, we will have a better relationship."
He scowled but chose not to retaliate. Megumi chuckled heartily.
"Sit down both of you. We have a big topic to talk about."
Somehow it ended up like this. With him cramped behind one of the large potted plants inside Devie's, spying on the two most influential persons in his life and Sena could not help but fear for his existence. If they were caught, he shivered, he did not even want to think about what a certain someone would do if they were found out. He should have known no good would come when you decided to humor an overly enthusiastic Suzuna, who had said that as concerned friends you should follow You-nii and Mamo-nee just to be sure they were safe.
"Look, look they're meeting up with somebody." Suzuna hissed.
Sena lifted his head to peek between the plant's leaves and sure enough the ex-quarterback and the ex-manager were moving towards an unfamiliar older woman. "Do you know her?"
Suzuna shook her head. "Oh they're talking now. We should get closer."
"Suzuna... I don't think that's a good idea."
"Come on Sena! Aren't you curious?"
Curious? Frightened, yes. Terrified, absolutely. But not curious. "Suzuna, it's better for our health to stay right here... so just please."
She pouted. "Alright. But we'll keep our watch okay?"


Mamori eyed the chicken salad, her usual,  in front of her, then looked at the older woman across the table. Her hands clasped together under her chin, her face wore an amused expression. At that instance she looked bizarrely like Hiruma when he was about to reveal a trick play.
"You want to ask something dear?" She said. "Maybe somewhere along the lines of how I knew what you usually order here?"
"N-not really." Mamori blushed, was she that obvious?
"You're adorable." Megumi turned to Hiruma. "Grandmama will definitely love her, no doubt about that."
"So can we fucking get a move on in this conversation?"
"Yeah you're right. Well Mamori-chan, I hope my brother had the decency to at least explain to you the situation."
"He did."
"Good, now the key here is to make your 'relationship' as convincing as possible. Grandmama's painfully observant. But that's why I'm here." She paused. "All you have to do is follow five steps."
"Is there a fucking manual we can buy somewhere?" Hiruma piped in,sarcastically.
The black-haired woman merely brushed his comment aside, and continued on like there were no interuptions at the first place.  "Step one, get to know each other, but I suppose we could skip that seeing you seemed to be well-versed with each other. So we go on to step two, establish the 'relationship' and by that I mean the little details, when you two have met, when you started dating, where was your first date etc. you don't want to slip and give two different answers." 
Mamori found herself nodding. The older woman seemed to really know what she was talking about.
"Then there's step three I personally call it as the let's get comfortable stage."
"Let's get comfortable stage?"
"You are a couple per se ,so you need to act like one. Practice holding hands...alot, maybe hugging."
Mamori felt her cheeks burn with embarassment as the gravity of the situation finally revealed itself. She would act as Hiruma's girlfriend. She was quickly regretting her decision, but it was not too late she could still back-out. Suddenly Hiruma's hand began to move. He was telling her something in sign language.
Don't bail out on me. Not now.
She bowed her head down, ashamed of her thoughts. She quietly hardened her resolve and answered back.  I won't. I promised I'll help you ,remember?
Megumi observed the exchange silently. Must you be so dense my dear brother? She thought. She cleared her throat. "You two okay?"
Mamori looked at her. "Yes, sorry. Please do continue."
"Where was I? Ah step number four, find one person you both trust and tell him the plan he would play at important role in step number five."
"What's step number five?"
Megumi smiled. "Well, if you have to trick your enemy, you must first trick your friends."
"Don't say..." Mamori murmured.
"You need to tell your friends that you are dating."
The auburn-haired girl suddenly felt light-headed.
"They're leaving Sena." Suzuna said, while moving around the flower pot to avoid detection.
Sena followed the cheerleader and watched as Hiruma and Mamori exited the resturant. The manager looked like she was fighting the urge to faint. Whatever had transpired at the table with the mysterious woman had to be gravely important for his childhood friend to be like that. He wanted to dwell on it more but was distracted by the sharp pull on his sleeve.
"Why are you zoning out? We need to follow them. Come on Sena."
Before he could disagree he was dragged to the glass sliding door, to the humid night air.
"Hiruma-kun-" She started as they walked down the street.
"We'll tell the fucking old man." He said, cutting her off.
"I know that, but that isn't what-"
She gasped when the blond-haired quarterback trapped her between his arm and a wall. It had earned them a few glance from the passerbys
"Hiruma-kun?" A  blush crawled up her cheeks at their proximity
"We're being followed."
"Huh? By who?" She said, as she tried to look over his shoulder.
"The fucking shirmp and the fucking skates. They're over there by the lamp post." He smirked. His eyes locked with hers "You are in this, right?"
Didn't they have this conversation before? "Yes. But-"
The rest of her protest was silenced as he pressed his lips on her forehead.

Sena blinked. No. He was not seeing was he was seeing. Yes, this was all a very realistic dream in a moment or so his mother would wake him up and he could go on with his day. A sudden weight on his side reminded him of Suzuna. He glanced at her. She was holding on to him like a life line, her eyes glazed over.
"Are you seeing what I'm seeing?"
"I don't even know if it's real." Sena answered.
"Phone." Suzuna said, as she fumbled for her mobile phone. "We need to capture this for evidence."
However as she pulled out her phone the deed was done and the quarterback and the manager were already moving again.
Sena blacked out.







The Fine Line (2nd Down)

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The Fine Line

Second Down: Shotgun Proposal
"Pardon?" Mamori asked, confused. Hiruma was not asking what she thought he was asking.
"You heard me crystal clear, fucking manager, I want you to act as my fucking girlfriend."
"Are you crazy!" She exclaimed as she suddenly stood, upsetting the table.
He winced slightly. "Do you want to yell that any louder, so the whole fucking neighborhood could hear!"
"What in the world made you think I'd agree with that?" Mamori rubbed her forehead, an intense headache was starting to form. Act as his girlfriend. What exactly was running in his mind? For the past year and a half people had been speculating that they were an item, that had been bad enough and now, this madman was asking- no more of demanding her to act as his girlfriend.
"Haven't you been listening, I already told you I'm in deep shit."
"No!" She said firmly. " You said you're Grandmother's visiting and then you asked me to act as your girlfriend. And your Grandmother visiting doesn't translate to deep shit for me."
"Well if you actually let me finish the fucking story then you'll probably get it."
She frowned. "Okay, let's hear it then!"
"Like I said, my Grandmother's returning here, and that old woman's obssess with the fucking survival of our bloodline that she won't fucking stop at anything to ensure that we have healthy relationships with the opposite sex."
"Me and my fucking sister."
"So Megumi-san's your sister."
"Isn't that fucking obvious? Anyway that fucking woman's safe, she's engaged."
"So that leaves me, and the last time I met up with my fucking Grandmother without any girlfriend and she went berserk. And if what my fucking sister said is true that would be nothing compared to what she will do now."
"Don't tell me you're afraid of you Grandmother?" Mamori asked, somehow she found it funny. The Devil of Deimon afraid of an old lady.
"Scared of my fucking Grandmother? Fuck no. It's her connections that I'm worried about. I might just wake up one day and I'm fucking married to some girl I don't know and there's no way out." He looked at her. "And I don't know about you, fucking manager but I like my freedom."
Mamori remained silent as she tried to process the added information and as she did so only one question entered her mind. "Okay maybe you are in trouble but answer a question first, then I'll think about."
He shrugged. "Shoot."
"Why me?"
"You really have to ask that don't you?" He said.
"Well it is a valid question, now isn't it Hiruma-kun?" She crossed her arms over her chest. "Afterall you can just pick anyone and with that black book of yours I'm sure they'll agree."
He looked dead serious for a moment that a shiver ran down Mamori's spine. "Because don't fucking friends help each other?"
His answer caught her off-guard and something inside her chest skipped. Friends. So they're friends. She swallowed maybe she was overreacting and he was right ,friends do help each other. This was the first time he did ask for help and, would she let him down? There would consequences of course but... She took a deep breath. She knew she would regret it later. She looked at the blond quarterback. "How-how... long?"
"I'm asking how long I should act."
"So you'll fucking do it?"
"Yes. Because friends never abandon friends in their time of need."
An all too familiar smirk formed on his face that briefly Mamori thought she was tricked. She was not fooled, right?
"I knew I can fucking count on you." He turned on his heels and reached for the door. " And oh yeah fucking meet me after practice. There's somebody we need to talk to."
She ploped down the chair as he closed the door. What did I put myself into? She thought.


The Fine Line (1st Down)

A/N: It has been a long time since I've really wrote something.
 The Fine Line

First Down: Warning

"Yo Boya..." Hiruma stopped mid-step as he heard the nickname. Only one person called him that and she was one of the people he would rather not see.
"You..." He sneered, not even bothering to keep his annoyance in check. "The fuck are you doing here?"
The figure walked out of the shadow. Her green eyes bored onto his as she carefully tucked a strand of black hair behind her slightly pointy ear. "Is that how you greet somebody you have seen in a while?"
"No." He replied. "That's how I greet people who come with fucking bad timing."
She was unfazed by his hostile behaivor. One more reason why he did not like seeing her. She treated him like a five year old throwing a tantrum. "Your clubhouse's bigger."
"Been rennovating."
"How about inviting me in? I have news for you Boya."
He frowned as he unlocked the door. So she had news, even though it ate him to admit it, she did have better sources than he did. "Yeah, whatever."
They entered the clubhouse. The dark-haired woman quickly surveyed the area. Two gleaming trophies sat inside a glass panel at one corner, not a single furniture in disarray. She sniffed the air, deoderizer.
"So I see you already found a useful girl." She said. "Is my little brother already growing up?"
Hiruma felt his eyebrow twitch in irritation. "I don't have time for your fucking comments. So if you have fucking important new just say it so we could go on our separate ways."
The woman sighed. "Still impatient with me, as always. I assumed that it was obvious by now." She paused, as she looked at him. "Grandmama's retuming to Japan."
He visibly blanched. "What? When?"
"Three days from now, my sources say. I can't believe you don't know it."
"I have more fucking important things to think about at the moment."
"Football? Come to think of it, doesn't Deimon regulation forbid third years to participate in clubs anymore?"
"Pulled some strings, I'm fucking coaching."
"Ah... of course. I'm sure you know why she's returning."
"The fucking continuation of our fucking family tree."
"Bingo." She said, as she flicked her black hair casually to the side. "That old woman will do anything to ensure we're not the last ones."
Silence fell between them.
"How long will she staying?'
"Two weeks, three at most. You're almost eighteen now right? You're not safe anymore."
I wasn't even fucking safe three years ago."
She chuckled, dryly. "Believe me, that would nothing compared to what she will do if you don't bring a decent girl now." She looked at him again. "Sure we both have connections but they are nothing compared to hers and Grandmama can be downright scary if she wanted something but I guess you're already aware of that."
"So what are your fucking plans then?"
"Don't have any... I'm engaged."
"Fucking when?"
"Six months ago." She lifted her hand, a three carat diamond ring adorned her finger. "That's what you get for not keeping in touch."
He scoffed. "Who's the fucking-"
The door slid open with a thump. Hiruma's head snapped to the direction of the entrance. A frown formed on his face as he realized who the person was. "Fucking manager."
"I'm sorry." She muttered. "I didn't know you have a guest, I'll return later."
"Stay." He said pointedly. "We're fucking finished here."
The dark-haired woman's eyes darted from the blond quarterback to the auburn-haired girl. "Yes sweetheart don't go. We're finished here."
"Okay then..." The manager said as she stepped to the side.
"But do tell me your name... you're the team manager?"
She smiled. " I used to be... I'm Anezaki Mamori."
"Used to be?"
"Third years aren't allowed to participate in clubs anymore." She replied, almost sadly. " I just help out with the cleaning and some other stuffs, until Hiruma-kun finds another manager."
"Oh..." The woman threw a knowing look at Hiruma. "I'm Megumi. Nice to meet you Mamori-chan." She shifted the bag on her shoulder. "I'll get going then, but Boya remember what I said ,but as far as I can see you don't have to search far for the solution."
His face darkened a bit as she said that. Fucking older sister, with her fucking nonsense. He thought.
" What does she mean?" Mamori asked, while she watched the retreating figure of the older woman.
"Not fucking important." He answered, curtly. "Did you finish editing the videos."
"Yes." She rummaged through her school bag. "Should I leave them here?"
"Watch them with me."
She pouted. "That's against school policy. Mou... when are you getting a real manager anyway? Teachers are asking me why I still hang out here."
"Why don't you fucking like hanging out in here?"
"It's not like that, and you know it."
"Then don't mind those fucking idiots and help me with those videos."
She sighed. "You're so difficult. Just find a new manager already okay?"
He gave a noncommital grunt. Mamori began to place the tape inside the player. "This one's Taiyou."
After a few moments however, he started tuning out. The news about his Grandmother returning plagued his mind, with his sister out of the woods with her engagement, it left him to find a decent girl to act as his girlfriend in the span of two days. Which was easy enough if not for his Grandmother's standards, and it had to be believable.
"Huh?" A worried face entered his line of vision.
"Are you okay?" She asked. "You look out of it."
But as far as I can see you don't have to search far for a solution. The last words of his sister rang in his head. Fuck that woman's always right. He scowled. "Actually there's fucking something."




"Are you sure you fucking know how to do this?"
"Well..." She started, uncertainly.
He raised an eyebrow. "Don't give that kind of answer fucking manager."
" Well it's been a long time, I think my last was with Sena-kun and Riku-kun when we were younger."
"You're telling me that now?!?"
She looked at him, incredulously "You're the one who's too lazy to go to a proper barber shop!"
"Coz you said that you can fucking do it yourself!"
"I can! Now be still, I might cut your ears accidentally."
Snip. A lock of blonde hair fell to the floor. Lithe fingers were running through his scalp, tugging and combing. Snip, snip. More hair fell. She held his head in place. Her hands cool against his ears.
"i told you to keep still, Hiruma-kun."
He grunted, irritably. 'Just fucking hurry up."
The sound of the scissors resonated inside the empty clubhouse.
"There!" She exclaimed, as she gave him a compact mirror. "All done. What can you say Hiruma-kun?"
"It looks the same."
She pouted. "Well you just ask for a trim, but look..." She pulled his bangs "it doesn't bother your eyes anymore right?"
He shrugged as he threw a can of soda her way. She smiled. A silent thank you.
"By the way Hiruma-kun..." she said suddenly, when the quarterback was about to leave.
"You really have soft hair."
An unreadable expression crossed his face. "Shut it, fucking manager."
He closed the door but not before she could see the small smile on his face.

Note: Hahaha! Randomness max!


happy birthday mamori

Happy birthday Mamori! Hahaha a little fanfic


“Are you goanna make yourself useful?” She asked as she gave a sideways glance at the blond-haired young man that stood at the kitchen door.

“Why don’t you ask the fucking idiots who ate on those to help you?” He replied, a menacing smile on his face.

“Because…” she stopped scrubbing the plate in her hands and turned to face him. “They are guest. You are not. Besides they already went home.”

“And why the hell would I help you with that?” He questioned, crossing his arms across him chest.

“It’s my birthday.” She answered with a smile; she knew she was winning the conversation.

“And if I don’t?”

She went for the kill. “No more after party celebration for you then.”

She continued her chore, she felt him walk towards her.

“Who taught you to black mail so well?” He hissed at her ears.

She laughed as she gave him a soft kiss on his cheek and a dishtowel. “I have the best teacher.”




So Close

The world seemed to stop.


She stared at him. She could not move. She could not breathe. She just stood there, straight and rigid. Her eyes were wider than they had ever been before. In a random moment, her hand would jolt slightly a reflex her brain sent to tell her that she was still alive.


He stared back, with his impossibly green irises. He was close; her personal bubble was long gone and slowly he was moving even closer. Her nose barely reached his jaw even if he tilted his head down to make up for his height advantage. She could feel his breathe on the tip of her nose. It created a peculiar sensation that reached the tips of her toes.


But her mind was unable to comprehend. She was too preoccupied with his eyes. She looked at them, and tried to swim within its depths, searching for the silent meaning of what was happening. But she failed. There was nothing in his eyes. No malice, no cruelty, not even the usual spark that set them apart from everybody else’s. There was only the current predicament… her reflection.


She lifted her head upwards, further diminishing the space between them. She could smell him. Husky, a bit sweet with a dash of determination and attitude, a far cry from the gunpowder theory other people thought. She lifted her hands and pressed them against his chest. And if not for her heart pounding inside of her she could have heard his sharp intake of breath. She stopped a mere fraction of an inch from his face. She did not what to do next.


He cupped the side of her face. He moved her face towards him. His lips brushed against hers. He did not close his eyes. So did her. He leaned to his right and kissed her again. Her hands slid up his chest, and around his neck. Slowly, involuntarily she closed her eyes.


Their lips parted. She stared at him again. A moment of eerie peacefulness surrounded them as they stayed, wrapped up with each other. The clock stopped ticking long ago.


“Fucking manager…” his voice, brought her back to reality.




Almost reluctantly, he removed her hands from his neck. His eyes never left hers. She felt like he was breaking her defenses, capturing the most sacred part of her being. She felt helpless, vulnerable. He moved back. She regained her breathing space.


The noise of the area began to come back. The world started moving again. The door of the clubhouse opened as the rest of the team entered. It was not until she saw him leave and close the door that she realized that despite the people around her, she never felt so alone in her life.



pang of hurt. I miss them.

here it is again that weird feeling of loneliness. This always happens when I am not busy, and my mind is not cluttered with bits of info that I have to think about. My heart begins to ache, the memories I want to enjoy suddenly becomes the memories I do not want to remember about. Memories of friends from highschool...

As I browsed my friends in friendster I just could not help but feel sad. The people I was familiar with, the second family I grew up with, these groups, they always held this big part in my heart and my soul... to the point that when I was separated with them I kinda lost who I am and the path that laid before me did not seem to be that clear anymore. I am struggling again, struggling to find myself again.

I feel ashamed now. I have met these wonderful people from college... Jam, Karisse, Issa... I like them, they are nice and are amazing. But somehow no matter what I do, when everything is silent and those beautifuls girls are not around I feel alone... too alone

I smile more often now... because that is how I cope with these things. I just hope I could keep it up until my mind and body really adjusted to this new routine. To these new faces. To this new phase of life...


Summer fun under the rain?

Summer came to a premature end here in our place, as a storm barged its way in the country but that really didn't stop us from enjoying the last bits of our vacation. We went to this private pool yesterday together with some of our older friends. It was a very nice place to be and in a cheap price too.

yup that's the pool alright. It had like four parts for the enjoyment of the occupants. 3 feet being the most shallow to around six feet for the deepest part. The weather was cold when we arrived and so was the water. But you wouldn't mind that if you were enjoying.

the view was to die for, as well. adding to the "natural" feel of the pool. The place was located near a forest reserve so the place was generally surrounded by trees and stuffs, unfortunately the wind was blowing in a very scary speed so the coconut tree was swaying too violently for my taste I guess. Whehehe! I was like whoa the fruit might fall or something.

And here I am with my sister and our friends, I think we just finished eating our lunch here since my hair was a little bit dry already. As you can see this was one of the rare times that the sun decided to show itself.

The rat pack whehehe... instead of taking care of the little children we opted to take our picture, really responsible. but hey give us a break, we always minded the children and it was tiring to go to and fro the shallow part to the deep part because the kiddies wanted to.

A beetle. One of the interesting finds of the day. I don't know where they got it but it was cute.