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20 November 2008 @ 12:15 am
So Close  

The world seemed to stop.


She stared at him. She could not move. She could not breathe. She just stood there, straight and rigid. Her eyes were wider than they had ever been before. In a random moment, her hand would jolt slightly a reflex her brain sent to tell her that she was still alive.


He stared back, with his impossibly green irises. He was close; her personal bubble was long gone and slowly he was moving even closer. Her nose barely reached his jaw even if he tilted his head down to make up for his height advantage. She could feel his breathe on the tip of her nose. It created a peculiar sensation that reached the tips of her toes.


But her mind was unable to comprehend. She was too preoccupied with his eyes. She looked at them, and tried to swim within its depths, searching for the silent meaning of what was happening. But she failed. There was nothing in his eyes. No malice, no cruelty, not even the usual spark that set them apart from everybody else’s. There was only the current predicament… her reflection.


She lifted her head upwards, further diminishing the space between them. She could smell him. Husky, a bit sweet with a dash of determination and attitude, a far cry from the gunpowder theory other people thought. She lifted her hands and pressed them against his chest. And if not for her heart pounding inside of her she could have heard his sharp intake of breath. She stopped a mere fraction of an inch from his face. She did not what to do next.


He cupped the side of her face. He moved her face towards him. His lips brushed against hers. He did not close his eyes. So did her. He leaned to his right and kissed her again. Her hands slid up his chest, and around his neck. Slowly, involuntarily she closed her eyes.


Their lips parted. She stared at him again. A moment of eerie peacefulness surrounded them as they stayed, wrapped up with each other. The clock stopped ticking long ago.


“Fucking manager…” his voice, brought her back to reality.




Almost reluctantly, he removed her hands from his neck. His eyes never left hers. She felt like he was breaking her defenses, capturing the most sacred part of her being. She felt helpless, vulnerable. He moved back. She regained her breathing space.


The noise of the area began to come back. The world started moving again. The door of the clubhouse opened as the rest of the team entered. It was not until she saw him leave and close the door that she realized that despite the people around her, she never felt so alone in her life.


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icyblu24icyblu24 on November 20th, 2008 07:18 am (UTC)
Very very good. I like how you are getting inside those moments and describing feelings. XD Keep it up!